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Fingerprint Lock Waterproof Tuya Wifi Remote Control Bluetooth TTLock App Card Digital Code Keyless Electronic Smart Door Lock

Fingerprint Lock Waterproof Tuya Wifi Remote Control Bluetooth TTLock App Card Digital Code Keyless Electronic Smart Door Lock

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Brand Name: ZhouSoco

Origin: Mainland China

Ways To Unlock: APP

Ways To Unlock: bluetooth

Ways To Unlock: Mechanical Keys

Ways To Unlock: Card

Ways To Unlock: WIFI

Ways To Unlock: Password



Model Number: GJ-G23

Power Supply: Dry Battery

Suitable Door Type: Steel Door

Suitable Door Type: Wooden Door

Suitable Door Type: Stainless Stell Door

Suitable Door Type: Other

Connectivity: bluetooth

Connectivity: WIFI

Suitable for Mortise: Other

Special Features: Support Gateway

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Doorknob Funcition: Biometric

Doorknob Funcition: Key & Keypad

Finish Type: Polished

Handle Direction: Direction Reversible

Protection Level: IP66

Smart home platform: Alexa

Smart home platform: Tuya

Smart home platform: Google Assistant

Fit Door Thickness: 20-80mm

Fingerprint Lock Waterproof Tuya Wifi Remote Control Bluetooth TTLock App Card Digital Code Keyless Electronic Smart Door Lock

No Wiring  IP66 Waterproof Outdoor Fingerprint Door Lock
1)The front panel is equipped with waterproof cover and silicone pad, with better dual waterproof effect.
2)The inner lock main board is covered with waterproof glue and waterproof rubber pad.
3)After multiple experimental tests, the lock is very safe for use in rainstorm and sunlight.
Material: Zinc Alloy
Available color: Black+Grey
Panel Sizes: 168(mm)*34(mm)*60(mm)
Unlock modes: Fingerprint /Password /IC Card / APP / Mechanical Key

Supported app name: Tuya app, TTlock app

Fingerprint recognition time: 0.25S
Fingerprint Users: 100pcs
Card Users: 100pcs
Password Users: 100pcs
Power supply: 4pcs AA battery or 12V DC

Operating temperature: -25 to 55 Centigrade
Suitable door thickness: 20-80mm( Wooden door, Steel door, Iron door, other metal doors)

Emergency Charging: Mircro USB port

Noted: The Tuya WiFi version supports voice system in 8 languages, but the TT Lock version does not.
Tuya WiFi Version:8 language voices (Arabic / English / Indonesian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Thai / Vinetnamese)
TO switch freely, easy to set up

About waterproofing

All options of this model come with waterproof + sun protection by default, and the surface of the device is equipped with high-strength tempered glass, which will not melt, please use it with confidence

The smart door lock supports biometric fingerprint/password/IC card/mechanical key/App multiple unlocking methods.

The fingerprint door lock has a built-in 360° biometric fingerprint sensor, which has fast fingerprint recognition
speed and high accuracy.Support 100 biometric fingerprints to unlock.

The IC Card door lock has a built-in high-sensitivity card reader chip. high recognition rate and accuracy.

Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. You can type in any number of randomdigits on the keypad,and can still gainaccess as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.

The smart lock supports WIFI connection and uses the Tuya App to manage the door lock,Please note that it is not possible to connect to tuya App indoors

The smart door lock supports two emergency unlocking methods, mechanical key (old-fashioned unlocking method)
unlocking and USB emergencypower supply. When the door lock is out of power, you can use the power bank to
charge the charge

About the remote control

Provides a remote door opening function. The door lock will automatically lock after closing the door. In the case of
no obstacles, the recognition distance is 30m. The maximum number of remote controllers that can be added to
each door lock is 20.

The door lock uses 4 AA batteries with a battery life of 6 months (battery is not included in the package).

This is a multifunctional automatic door lock

1. Use home power
2. Connected to the switch and unlocked by the switch
3. Connected to the building system

This smart lock can be installed on both the left and right doors regardless of direction. The indoor keyboard can be
disassembled to adjust the direction. It is common for both sides

Tuya App Functions:

Works via WIFI, no gateway required;

Remote unlocking needs to be triggered (9 #);

Dynamic password, one-click generation in the application;

Temporary password, free to adjust the effective use time range, no time limit;

Information records, you can freely query the use records of door locks;

Information reminder, automatically notify the mobile phone when the door lock is in use;

Universal in all regions of the world, even if you lock the door at home, in other cities/countries,

you can still use these functions if the door lock is connected to WIFI;

Please note thatnly outdoor keyboards support the tuya app, indoor keyboards do not

TT lock APP Functions:
1.The lock connect with the phone by Bluetooth.
2.Send temporary/ekey password remotely
3.You can open the lock / manage the lock (add user / delete user / set password and so on)

4.The ttlock app can be used both indoors and outdoors
5.Add a G2 gateway if WiFi connection is required  (Gateway buy extra)"
After add a gateway connect to Wifi that can work with Alexa and Google Assiatant

Password Anywhere
You can generate multiple types of passwords and share with others to get in your house when you are not at home.

Access Alert & Attendance Record

Record the opening time, method and personnel of each time. Also for company record employee attendance.

Order TT Lock options and contact seller to buy gateway G2 extra . The smart lock can connect to WiFi
and control by intelligent voice system with other smart home devices to achieve smart home.

Connection method
★ The lock can be connected directly with the bluetooth of the mobile phone
★ Add a G2 gateway if WiFi connection is required
 (Gateway buy extra)"
The gateway can make it connect to wifi and compatible with Alexa and Google home

If add a gateway that can connect to Wifi, can delete users, open locks, checking unlock recordsremotely without distance limitation.
(Gateway buy extra). Click below picture to buy ttlock gateway.

Package including:

1x front lock panel
1x rear lock panel
1 x lock mortise
2 x RFID cards
2 x mechanical keys
1 x user manual
1 x screws kits

About FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: waterproof and sunscreen?

A: Yes, each version of this model is waterproof and sun-proof, and the surface of the door lock is made of tempered glass, which can work in high temperature/direct sunlight/rainstorm and other environments;

Q2: Can I use it with other devices? Such as intercom, door open button?

A: Not necessarily, we can't guarantee it can be used, but we will provide an extra cable head in the express for your convenience;

Q3: What is the working distance of the remote control?

A: The usage distance in the actual test is about 40m. Of course, it is in the absence of obstacles. If there are obstacles, the usage distance will be weakened, but it will not obviously affect your usage;

Q4: How about the product packaging?

A: Our packaging measures are very perfect. The total logistics packaging is sponge + product box + carton + waterproof tape wrapped all over. This is to avoid factors such as violent logistics, rain, ice and snow in international transportation, please rest assured;

Q5: Can I use rechargeable batteries?

A:No, this lock can only use ordinary alkaline dry batteries, because the voltage of rechargeable batteries will decrease with the decrease of power, which cannot support the normal operation of the door lock

Q6: Does the waterproof mainly depend on the waterproof cover?

A: No, the waterproof cover is only to prevent the fingerprint recognition area from being splashed with water, because it will affect the recognition rate of fingerprints; waterproof mainly relies on hardware and waterproof main board, and the main board of this lock has been covered with waterproof glue;

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