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Waterproof Tuya Smart Lock Wifi Double Side Fingerprint Lock Outdoor Gate Digital Password Remote App Home Electronic Rim Lock

Waterproof Tuya Smart Lock Wifi Double Side Fingerprint Lock Outdoor Gate Digital Password Remote App Home Electronic Rim Lock

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Brand Name: Juheenda

Origin: Mainland China

Ways To Unlock: APP

Ways To Unlock: bluetooth

Ways To Unlock: Mechanical Keys

Ways To Unlock: Card

Ways To Unlock: WIFI

Ways To Unlock: Password


Material: zinc Alloy

Model Number: G23

Power Supply: Dry Battery

Suitable Door Type: Steel Door

Suitable Door Type: Wooden Door

Suitable Door Type: Stainless Stell Door

Connectivity: bluetooth

Connectivity: WIFI

Special Features: Support Gateway

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Handle Direction: Direction Reversible

Protection Level: IP66

Smart home platform: Other

Smart home platform: Alexa

Smart home platform: Tuya

Smart home platform: Google Assistant

Fit Door Thickness: 20-80mm

Product Name: Electronic Smart Lock

Available color: Black

Panel Sizes: 168(mm)*34(mm)*60(mm)

Unlock modes: APP / Fingerprint / Password / IC card / Key

Handle direction: Reversible

Power supply: 4pcs AA battery or 12V DC

Door Thickness: 20-80mm

Charging: Support USB chagre

Waterproof: IP66

Waterproof Tuya Smart Lock Wifi Double Side Fingerprint Lock Outdoor Gate Digital Password Remote App Home Electronic Rim Lock
G23 smart lock installation video:

No Wiring IP66 Waterproof Outdoor Fingerprint Door Lock, Best For Outdoor Gate Door.

1. Waterproof mask

2. Waterproof silicone pad

3. The Motherboard inside fully filled with waterproof glues.

4. Battery compartment with rubber sleeve.

5. The lock can be exposed directly to rain and sunshine


Model: G23

Material: Zinc Alloy

Available color: Black+Grey

Panel Sizes: 168(mm)*34(mm)*60(mm)

Unlock modes: Fingerprint /Password /IC Card / APP / Mechanical Key

Supported app name: Tuya app, TTlock app

Fingerprint recognition time: 0.25S

Fingerprint Users: 100pcs

Card Users: 100pcs

Password Users: 100pcs

Power supply: 4pcs AA battery or 12V DC

Operating temperature: -25 to 55 Centigrade

Suitable door thickness: 20-80mm( Wooden door, Steel door, Iron door, other metal doors)

Emergency Charging: Mircro USB port

Tuya WiFi Version:9 language voices (Arabic / English / Indonesian / Portuguese / French / Russian / Spanish / Thai / Vinetnamese ) to switch freely, easy to set up

The fingerprint door lock built-in 360° biometric fingerprint sensor, which with fingerprint recognition speed and high accuracy.

Support 100pcs fingerprints to unlock.

The IC Card door lock built-in high-sensitivity card reader chip. high recognition rate and high accuracy.

The password lock supports anti-peeping password. You can enter any number before and after the correct password.

Prevent others from peeping at the unlock code.

The smart lock supports WIFI connection and uses the Tuya App to manage the door lock

The smart door lock supports two emergency unlocking methods, mechanical key and USB emergency supply.

When the door lock is out of power, you can use the power bank to charge it.

No Wiring Outdoor Fingerprint Door Lock, easy to install and no need extra wiring 

About the remote control

Provides a remote door opening function. The door lock will be locked automatically after closing the door.

The maximum recognition distance is 30m without any obstacles.

The maximum numbers of remote controllers that can be added to each door lock is 20pcs.

Click below picture to buy it!

Please note the remote control is not sold separately,which is not universal.

It only work with our smart lock model G21/G23.

The smart lock is suitable for multi doors, indoor and outdoor, both left and right opened door

The smart door lock powered by 4pc AA batteries with a battery life of 6-8 months (battery is not included in the package).

Tuya APP Functions:

1.Press9# on lock panel to request open, unlock remotely by phone App

2.Copy password to unlock

3.Send temporary password unlock remotely

4.Checking the unlock records remotely

5.Connect to the WIFI directly, no need any gateway

How to install and use Tuya App. With the Tuya smart gateway, it can link other smart devices.

TTLock App Functions :
1. Open lock by phone App remotely

2. Add fingerprint, password, IC card, ekey on phone app, no need operate on lock.

3.Send temporary password /ekey unlock remotely

4. Savethe unlock records

5.Connect to the lock by bluetooth

6. If add a gateway that can connect to Wifi, can delete users, open locks, checking unlock records remotely without distance limitation.

(Gateway buy extra).

Order TT Lock options with gateway G2. The smart lock can connect to WiFi and control by intelligent voice system

with other smart home devices to achieve smart home.

Package including:

1x front lock panel

1x rear lock panel

1 x lock mortise

2 x RFID cards

1 x screws kits

2 x mechanical keys

1x waterproof mask

2x waterproof silicone pad

1 x user manual

If you want more cards, pls click this picture for the link to buy it.

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